Pop Princess: Katy Perry


So it only seems proper that after chatting about John Mayer in my last post, we discuss his hubby in this one.

& If anyone is curious — Yes I approve of their relationship. Katy is a strong woman who can handle Johns’ success and ego — she wont ever write a “Dear John” if they were to break up she’d write… ROAR.

I love it. It is catchy as hell and an anthem for all who are reworking themselves, starting fresh or just continuing to kick ass.

The one aspect particularly that I like in this song is the rocking guitar during the course and ending that really separates this song from other pop singles. Katy and her team know how to give her an edge and this element is what I think makes this song special (Besides her awesome voice obviously)…

I look forward to her actual video coming out as the lyric video really sucks… But here it is anyway… 😉

Also here is a treat from Chewy, my editor….


She’s enjoying a mid-day snooze…

See ya next week! xo

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