John, Why Did I Ever Doubt You?

john mayer

Recently I bought John Mayer’s 2011 album “Born and Raised.” I was a huge John fan during his years of “Room For Squares,” “Heavier Things,” and “Continuum.” However, after not being disappointed with “Battle Studies” I left John for what I thought was greener pastures.

Why, why did I do this to myself?

I JUST bought “Born and Raised” and feel like such a dope! He’s better than ever, and I absolutely love the folk, country and earthy feel to this album. His writing never fails to impress me. He is an incredible musician. Anyone who denies this is ignorant (a bit aggressive of me maybe???) I may give “Battle Studies” another chance… But if I don’t like it I’m blaming Taylor Swifts influence during those years 😉

Here is my favourite song of the album right now!

See you next week!

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