Southern Belles & Gents in Southern Ontario


This weekend is the weekend for FESTIVALS! But the one, in my opinion that deserves a Friday afternoon shout out is The Boots and Hearts Festival (Sorry, no I will not write about Veld, ever).

A weekend that is filled with country music, parking lot parties and red high heels (ok maybe more like red flip flops), sounds like an awesome time to me. Unlike the other half of festival goers who will be listening to brassy, hard beats and techno (veld?) the air will be filled with the soft, melodic, rocking tunes of Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, The Band Perry, Dierks Bently and Canadian Dean Brody.

love country music. I think it boasts some of the best musicians in the music industry. It has in the past and it continues to do so. A leader in the business right now in terms of real talent and appeal is Keith Urban.

Keith Urban is just insane (in a good way). If anyone has heard him sing live you know what I mean, as his voice is truly beautiful and perfectly tuned. His guitar is also incredible as there are few who play so casually and skillfully. Glen Campbell, a great who reined in the 60’s and 70’s, was a huge influence to Keiths’ dream for a music career.

If you don’t know Glen, your parents probably do… and if they don’t… they’re missing out and should pick up a CD (and so should you). Jimmy Webb was the genius that wrote many of Glens’ songs, including  “Wichita Lineman.” This is one of the many songs that Keith Urban loves to cover.

Glens’ Version

Keiths’ Version (skip to 1:10)

One of my favourite artists right now is Eric Church (much to my boyfriends dismay). After falling in love with his single “Springsteen” last summer off of his album “Chief,” curiosity took me over. His rough, deep voice is captivating… and every lyric is special.

Springsteen surely got me addicted, as the words in this song are romantic and vivid. I can pretty much feel what he’s singing, I’m almost convinced I was his summer romance whom he describes.

I was singing to you, you were singing to me

I was so alive, never been more free

Fired up my daddy’s lighter and we sang oh

Stayed there ’til they forced us out

We took the long way to your house

And I can still hear the sound

Of you saying, “Don’t go”

….“I can still hear the sound of you saying don’t go”

I… am… melting….

There is nothing more endearing and exciting as young love…*sigh*.

Another Church song that gets me going is “Homeboy.” This song sings the praises of the simple life, while also yearning for his brother/friend to get out of his tough and dangerous life and return home.

Something that makes Eric Church so special is his music is so well produced. Nothing is over done and everything is perfectly thought out. Overproduced music is a problem for a lot of artists these days, as people don’t know when to stop. Didn’t they ever hear of “less is more.”

Now as much of a Fangirl as I am of Taylor Swift (I loved Sparks Fly, LOVED) her newest Album Red lacked the same kind of mystery. The allure was lost on me as soon as the dubstep entered I knew you were trouble (however… her concert was great haha). But back to the point at hand. Church’s production is beautiful, its also different from classic country, I find it very “rock” like.

I dare you to listen to him, even if country “isn’t your thing” he has a song for everyone… Even devout Christians! I will leave you all with “Loves Me like Jesus Does” a sweet song about unconditional love. Eric Church flaunts how to capture an audience outside his niche, as I am certainly not deep-south religious… but this song is just too cute to not love!

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