Dala: What Successful Music Sounds Like



This post was initially inspired by the movie “I Could Never Be your Woman” which stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd. While the movie was mediocre (but plainly enjoyabl-ish), there were some scenes that spoke to me…

This one in particular where Michelle’s “daughter” sings along to Britney’s iconic “Oops I Did it Again” and changes the lyrics to…

Oops, I got a career

By shaking my rear

And making guys leer

Ohh baby baby..

Oops, I’m gonna sing more

And dance like a whore

I’m… just… not… talented.

*Preach Sister Preach*

I don’t know about everyone else, but when I turn on the radio I continue to scan for about 5 minutes until I settle on the least offensive song of the moment. The best music on the radio right now, I generally find on Kix 96/ 94.7/106. Country music seems to be the ONLY music I enjoy… (OK I will rock out to Miley Cyrus and a few Rihanna songs without shame, every now and then).

But I find myself disillusioned! Why is there SO much crap on the radio – yet so much good music elsewhere – music that doesn’t get NEARLY enough recognition.

If I have to listen to Jason Derülo ever again. I think I will go on a hunger strike.

Segue into something meaningful…

I’ve been listening to the band Dala for what feels like 100 years… but has been really about 8. These girls have something that so many artists lack these days: talent, grace and honesty. These women produce art. Not only are they incredibly talented with beautiful voices – these are the types of people you want your kids to have as role models. They are both beautiful yet don’t need to flaunt their sexuality in excessive ways to get attention – one lyric and your hooked.

Their most recent album called, Best Day was breathtaking.

They truly wrote poetry and attached it to gorgeous musical accompaniments. Pair this with overwhelming, yet understated production and you get an A+ from me.

If you’re looking for candid and sincere lyrics look no further.

One of my favourite songs off the CD is “Good As Gold” a haunting journey about being loved, admired and the fear of being alone.

The course sings:

“Tell me i’m good as gold, tell me I’m beautiful, tell me you wont get old and leave me alone…”

My favourite verse is when Sheila sings “St. Lawrence Marketplace, I saw my whole life written on an old friends face. You can move away but you can’t erase.”

Not only do I love the Canadian (more specifically Torontonian) references scattered throughout all their CD’s, the recurring theme of past and present in this song is incredible and impacting. Paired with Amanda’s spotless harmonies – there is not much one can say to deny this songs perfection.

Oh, and the Video is beautiful too.

These gals are some of the best musicians on the market, take some time to listen more…


Thats all for today friends!

See you next week ❤

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