Summer Soundtracks – The Great Gatsby


Besides the fact that The Great Gatsby will likely be my favourite movie of the summer, (hype and all – I was extremely satisfied) the soundtrack to this blockbuster was equally as enjoyable.

Some people were unsure about the theme of combining modern rap, r&b and pop music with a 1920’s styled film where Jazz hails supreme. The outcome however, was extremely effective, hip and fresh. Each scene had a very distinct tone and this was of course enhanced by the interesting and moody choice in music. Many of the songs were molded with some obvious jazzy undertones – and this was appropriate and fun, as its not everyday you hear Beyonces’ “Crazy In Love” done in jazz (Emeli sande and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra). “Bang Bang” done by, was another jazz inspired dance song that was perfect for the party scenes that it brought to life.

There were some standout recordings that took the lead on the soundtrack and I’m going to rate my favourite 5!

Number 5No Church In the Wild (feat. Frank Ocean & The-Dream) By JAY Z and Kanye West

Though Kanye is NOT my favourite artist/person — this song triumps despite him! The beat to this song made it a perfect and obvious choice at the beginning of the film as Nick Carraway describes the energy of greedy New York City. I am generally not a fan of rap, but this song, just rocks (and so does JAY Z).

Listen to it here:

Number 4: Love is Blindness by Jack White

This cover of the original U2 song was strong, thematically on point and just…awesome (because it’s Jack White, and he’s pretty much as cool/weird as people get).

Listen and you’ll understand:

Number 3: Back to Black by Beyonce and Andre 3000

This version of Amy Winehouses’ hit is SO BIZARRE. I am of course obsessed with its strange beat and rawness. The space between sound and silence is so important in this song and it’s just amazing. With that said… BEYONCE. You rule the world. Listen to the whole song… it’s worth it.


Number 2: Hearts a Mess by Gotye

Lyrically this song is perfect for the romance that rushes between Gatsby and Daisy. The theme of desire for Daisy to return Gatsby’s unwavering dedication is very obvious in this song. Gotye really delivers all the goods on this one, his voice is incredible and the production is flawless.

Just… Yes… Listen:

Number 1: Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Besides me being extremely biased, as I am a MASSIVE Lana fan… There is a reason. This song quickly became the overall theme song to the film and is rumored to be up for an Academy Award for “Best Original Song” in 2014. Lana’s voice is always, always haunting and striking and her lyrics encompass the age of beauty, danger and ultimately collapse. As a writer, she knows what she’s doing and as a singer she knows that she only needs her voice and a microphone to achieve greatness. 

Enjoy my top pic:


See you next week!

Natalie Roth

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  1. Kenzie says:

    Love everything about this post ❤

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